Pandemic Impacts on the Fashion Industry

DATE: September 17th, 2020 @3pm EST

GUEST SPEAKER: Maggie Adhami-Boynton, Founder & CEO of ShopThing

MISSION: An open Q+A discussion with fashion professionals about how the pandemic and the new normal has shifted the industry.


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Dress for Success x RCWIB

DATE: September 30th, 2020 @5pm EST

INVITEES: Fashion influencers and professional
stylists for U of T students

MISSION: An opportunity for professionals to
educate the students on the appropriate business
wear for specific business occasions – and most
importantly giving advice on how to personalize
and get creative with style to stand out and boost
your confidence for your next networking event.


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Fashion Networking 101

DATE: October 15th, 2020 @5pm EST


MISSION: An opportunity for students to understand the
steps required to get comfortable networking in the fast
paced, connection-based industry in order to succeed in a fashion career


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Website Design x RCAG

DATE: October 29th, 2020 @12pm EST

GUEST SPEAKER: OhSevenDays, a sustainable & mindful clothing company based in Istanbul.

MISSION: A workshop geared to educate students on how to not only develop a website but how to put your own creative spin on it.


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Build Your Own Brand

DATE: November 19th, 2020 @5pm EST

GUEST SPEAKERS: Wendy Liu (Youtube/Digital Creator) and Visha  (Life Takes Visha blog)

MISSION: A workshop educating students on how
to sell themselves in any competitive industry


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AGO Photoshoot

DATE: January 15th, 2021 @4pm EST

INVITEES: Student Photographers for U of T students

MISSION: An outing event to bring Rotman students
together and give them an opportunity to take
photos or have photos taken of them surrounded
by the beautiful architecture and art at the AGO –
we will host small groups with checklists


Registration Fee: $5 (for film)

Fashion Sustainability x RCNPN

DATE: January 21st, 2021 @5pm EST

PANELISTS: Megan Chong (U of Meg), Ani Wells (Simply Suzette), and The Fitzroy

MISSION: A chance for students to be exposed to Toronto based businesses that value sustainability and eco-friendly techniques – there will be a fashion show to display their clothing, a panel to discuss the industry, as well as a fundraiser raffle to raise money for Toronto based designers starting out.

LOGISTICS: Location, Hart House

Registration fee: $5 (to raise money for TFI)

Thrift Shop Haul

DATE: February 26th, 2021 @4pm EST

INVITEES: For U of T students

MISSION: An outing for those U of T students
interested in searching for a rare find in some
of Toronto’s best thrift and vintage stores

LOGISTICS: Location, Queen Street

FREE Registration!

Retail Industry Case Competition

DATE: March 20th, 2021 @10am-4pm EST

INVITEES: Retail Company for U of T students

MISSION: An opportunity for students to learn and practice thinking on their feet and with a team while gaining insight into the retail fashion industry – a one-day case challenge

LOGISTICS: Location, Kruger Hall

Registration Fee TBD