The warm weather is quickly approaching and it is important that we know the trends that lay ahead of the summer season! Here are three big fashion trends we expect to see on display in the upcoming months.

1) Pastel Colours are Expected to Reappear 

It is no surprise but pastel colours are back in full form. Whether they are worn in the form of a sweat suit, bold statement jacket, or a simple dress, they are here to stay for the warm months. These colours include a light purple, blue, pink, yellow, and more. These warm shades are perfectly representative of the season, and embrace the joyful associations we all have with summer.

2) Silk Scarves are Here to Stay

A classy silk scarf is a fashion staple, for many people, including myself. This is due to the accessory’s versatility. It is possible to use one simple scarf in a multitude of manners. For example, tying it into your hair, or fashioning the piece into a bandeau or wrap top. The funky patterns that they come in allow us to express our bold sides, and they are always good to pair with a simple pant or skirt!

3) Statement Bags and Purses are Expected to Blow Up

Purses and bags will always be of high importance in the fashion world. This upcoming summer season, we can expect colourful, eye-catching bags to dominate the street. These bold pieces are a perfect way to class up any simple outfit, or even match an outfit on the funkier side. Not only do we expect to see colourful bags, but also those in unique shapes. The funkier the purse, the more eye-catching! 

As you can tell, the summer holds many fashion opportunities to be bold and expressive. I hope this post inspires you all to start planning for the upcoming season and put your own creative spin on the trends. 

– Simran Katyal