Choosing the right outfit is super important to glam up an outfit and get into the holiday spirit! However, what adds the finishing touch to the outfit and makes you shine like a diamond? Accessories! Styling the right kind of jewelry is essential to complement your outfit, and to make your outfit more unique and special. If you usually wear simple subtle pieces to style your daily outfits, why not try something bolder for the holiday? I guarantee you will look fabulous! Here are some recommendations and tips to help you find the perfect earrings and necklace to prepare you for the holidays.

Here are bold jewelry styles from Swarovski to help your get started: 


“Swarovski Sparkling Dance Dial Up Pierced Earrings” is the perfect bold, statement earring to get all the compliments. Three design elements chained together gives more movement to the earrings, and silver hardware with Swarovski crystals will look glistening under the light. Simple one colour dress/outfits are recommended. Don’t forget that when you add a statement piece to your outfit, it is better to have one statement piece than many. The ‘Moira Rose’ look can be pretty dramatic! For example, if you have statement earrings, skip styling the necklace, and choose between bracelets or rings! The earrings will be enough to complement your style even without any necklaces.

If you are not a big fan of overly bold earrings, the “Originally Pierced Earrings” is another option! I can’t stress enough how classic pearl earrings are. The Swarovski crystals surrounding the pearl will add a sophisticated and elegant element to your outfit. This earring is very subtle and eye-catching at the same time, so it is perfect for those who hesitate to reach for dramatic bold earrings. Simple/patterned black or colour dress and blazer/suit style outfits are recommended. This earring is not too big in size, so it is super versatile. It will go well with a variety of outfits whether it is for a holiday party, dinner, a casual day out and even for business formal events!


The “Tennis Deluxe Necklace” with silver hardware is the perfect elegant and chic necklace for the holiday. The tennis style jewelry goes well with a lot of outfits, making it a classic
style that is widely used in many high-end jewelry brands. In order to emphasize the necklace under the light, tube top and low top dresses are recommended. Dark tone shades especially black or burgundy clothes will give you the chic elegant look when worn with the tennis necklace. It will also look amazing with a plain white formal shirt (open the first two buttons) with satin blazers.

The “Treasure Pearls Necklace” is another classical pearl item that will boost your elegance. Unlike plain pearl necklaces, this item has small Swarovski elements in between the pearls, making it more unique and special for the holiday. Again, Swarovski crystals look amazing under the light therefore perfect for the holidays! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the motif for styling this outfit. Black or any satin dresses will be complemented with this necklace. Like the pearl earrings, the pearl necklace is also very versatile to style with many other outfits. The pearls and the subtle Swarovski crystals in between make the jewelry less dramatic, not only complementing dressy special occasion looks, but other fashion styles like casual and even leisure looks, as well.

Choosing the right jewelry to compliment your outfit is extremely important especially in the holiday season. Don’t forget the last step to glam is accessorizing!

Have a wonderful sparkling holiday!

– Written by Soyun (Esther) Park