In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, masks have become a necessity in everyone’s daily outfits, including Queen Elizabeth II, who is matching masks to her colourful outfits.

 Yet, the debate over masks has been severe between the West and Asia. The fundamental shift for them is not only a challenge of cultural resistance but even the stigma of wearing masks.

Taiwanese fashion designer, Doris Lin, captured the transformation of people’s daily lives during the pandemic. From the perspective of a fashion designer, she created illustrations depicting people wearing masks as part of their outfits.

The gallery included some of Lin’s daily outfit sketches that illustrate the gradual shift to wearing masks and how masks have become an integral part of fashion.

Thanks to this opportunity, I’m able to create special life memories for spring 2020 – Lin

In support of her beliefs, I visited the gallery. The strong intention of drawing people together to get through this difficult time is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen during this spring. 

If you weren’t able to visit the gallery, Lin also published a book with the sketches.

– Emmeline Lin