These hairstyles will make you a star in the crowd. No basic betty here! By opting for these styles, you will become a true fashion icon. Here’s how to revamp the boring and express yourself in a creative / totally fabulous way!

TikTok Highlights!

These 2 highlights in the front add vibrace & uniqueness!

They beautifully frame the face & look like your hair was kissed by the sun.

Tip – make sure they aren’t too too contrasting to the rest of your hair.

This soft/warm blonde works best with black hair. Be careful of overly ash/white tones!

Green / Gray Color!

This hair color is PERFECT for people with a more edgy aesthetic.

Do you wear mainly grey, black & white?

Opt for this style to add a pop of color to your monochromatic outfits!

Front Chop!

Got a super feminine, soft style? Add some definition with this front chop hairstyle.

There’s a plus – you rock short & long hair at the same time!

This cut is perfect for accentuating your jawline without having to give up hair length.

Be careful though! Don’t cut too much in the front. The “bob” aspect should only be 2-in deep.

Bleach & Black!

This combo of bleach blonde hair & black eyebrows is to dye for.

If you have tan skin & black eyebrows – dye your hair a golden bleach blonde!

The contrast of dark eyebrows makes this look BOLD & BOMBSHELL.

Black Bob w/ Bangs!

You got more a motorcycle-girl BADASS vibe?

Try a black bob with bangs. The black adds the badass. The bangs add the mystery.

This is perfect if you are also really into accessorizing / statement jewelry.

Wear thick metal chains & have piercings? This style will look dope on you (for real).

*side note* The fake lip ring is everything!!!

Baby Blonde!

Do you have very light/fair skin? Try light hair to match!

With Light hair & Light skin, you’ll look like a snow goddess from ANOTHER WORLD.

Don’t forget your eyeliner though! It’s critical to keep definition in your face (or else you might look like an egg!)

Lavender Tint!

You’ve seen the cotton-baby pink look.

But how about a subtle lavender!

This light purple color will make BROWN EYES POP.

It’s not as “cute-sy” like pink, but also not super edgy.

This is a perfect color if you like to rock both hard & soft girl styles.