The Gucci Garden in Florence is an all-in-one creative experience that features: a commercial boutique with exclusive items, a luxury bookstore, a Michelin-quality restaurant, and best of all – art exhibition rooms. Although while traveling I was not able to visit the Gucci’s Osteria de Massimo Bottura restaurant, my family and I did purchase tickets to the secret exhibition museum. From personal experience, this aspect of the Gucci Garden really delivered in terms of entertainment value. Aside from beautiful and elaborate attire, the exhibition museum offered:

  • eerie-sounding (classical?) music
  • eclectic lighting arrangements
  • a miniature nature-inspired film theatre
  • enchanting paintings the size of walls

Despite typically getting bored within an hour at traditional galleries, I can confidently say that the unusual, mysterious Gucci Garden kept me intrigued until the end! To be more specific, I felt immersed in some kind of dark and satirical adult-version of Alice in Wonderland.