About Us

“Sharing the Passion of Fashion”

The Rotman Commerce Fashion Group (RCFG) is a fashion business club run by University of Toronto students that revolves around core values of education, community, and networking in the fashion industry. The purpose of RCFG is to provide Rotman Commerce students the opportunity to connect with each other on fashion topics such as global trends, styling advice, fashion careers, and business fashion.

Our Mission

We strive to create an uplifting and inspiring student community, where like-minded individuals feel free to share their love for fashion and everything it means to them personally.

Katie Brasseur, RCFG President (2020-2021)

What We Do

At RCFG, we strive to: 
  • Build an uplifting student community where fashion-focused individuals can create meaningful friendships
  • Introduce career paths to students by connecting them to fashion mentors and industry professionals
  • Provide students with the opportunity and resources to explore all aspects of the fashion world together

Throughout the academic year, RCFG engages in the following:
  • Weekly Fashion Blog Posts
  • Events with RCWIB, RCAG, and RCNPN
  • Online Style Consultations
  • Professional Photoshoots 
  • Fashion Panel Discussions
  • Social Outings to Toronto Fashion Events
  • Shopping Trips

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